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"Art is a celebration of life,
intended by the artist to put the spectator
in touch with the Divine.

-Joseph Plaskett (1918-2014)

Here are some of my favorite artists, expressing their views of all things spiritual. 

David Hayward

the naked pastor

This pastor turned cartoonist was a guest in season 1, episode 15. 

David left the church amidst the pain his religious community was causing the LGBTQ community. He is a true ally. And his art reflects that. Much of it satires religious teachings on gender roles and sexual oppression.

The Naked Pastor


Daniel Robaire

robert maurice art

Daniel and I met on an episode of Jane The Virgin a few years ago, and have been besties ever since. Don't worry - his episode is coming.

During Covid, he discovered that he is a painter. Seriously. Never picked up a paint brush. Now he's one of the most prolific and sought after male nude watercolorists out there. Check him out. He takes commissions. 

Robert Maurice Art

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